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 SHIMMER 47 & 48 results - 18/03/12

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SHIMMER 47 & 48 results - 18/03/12 Empty
MessageSujet: SHIMMER 47 & 48 results - 18/03/12   SHIMMER 47 & 48 results - 18/03/12 Icon_minitimeLun 19 Mar - 5:51

SHIMMER 47 & 48 results - 18/03/12 547257shimmer4548SHIMMER 47 & 48 results - 18/03/12 249295shimmer45481


* Nikki St. John def. Angelus Layne via running bulldog.

Volume 47

* The show kicks off with a video from Serena Deeb saying she wishes she could be here and she has had some of her best moments at Shimmer. She thanks the fans and the company. She tells all the girls to kick some ass.

* Rhia O’Reilly def. Taylor Made via double underhook DDT.

* Kellie Skater def. Veda Scott via Skate and Destroy.

* Kalamity def. KC Spinelli via Kalamityville Horror.

* Jessie McKay about her title shot. Saraya inteferes and threatens Jessie. She says she needs Jessie to do something for her and will rip her head off if she doesn’t.

* Kana/LuFisto def. MsChif/Christina Von Eerie via submission.

* Hilarious Sara Del Rey/Courtney Rush segment.

* Athena def. Sassy Stephie via O-Face.

* Canadian Ninjas def. Mia Yim/Davina Rose via Funky Cold Medina on Davina Rose.

* Shazza McKenzie def. Saraya via DQ after Saraya refuses to break a hold using the ropes. After the match, Saraya has to be restrained and carried out.

* Sara Del Rey and Courtney Rush (Death Rush) vs Regeneration-X (dressed as Super Mario Bros) is next.

* Death Rush def. Re-X after Rush hits an Olympic slam on Danger. Death Rush’s odd couple gimmick is way over.

* Mercedes Martinez def. Hailey Hatred via Fisherman Buster.

* Interview with Melissa. She says she doesn’t trust Jessie McKay and that her motive is to gain the SHIMMER Championship.

* Ayumi Kurihara and Ayako Hamada vs Ray and Leon for the tag titles is next.

* Kurihara and Hamada def. Ray and Leon after Ayumi rolls up Leon.

* Cheerleader Melissa def. Jessie McKay via Air Raid Crash. At one point, Jessie goes to use a steel chair, but stops herself. Saraya tries to interfere by giving Jessie a chain, but Jessie throws it out. Post match, Saraya attacks Melissa and a fight breaks out that takes about 8 guys to break up.

SHIMMER Volume 48

* KC Spinelli def. NY Knockout Nikki via double underhook slam.

* Mia Yim and Davina Rose def. Mena Libra and Melanie Cruise after Yim hits a Sky Twister Press on Libra.

* Shazza McKenzie def. Rhia O’Reilly via overdrive.

* Kana def. Kellie Skater via Kana Lock.

* Leon def. LuFisto via frog splash.

* Christina Von Eerie/MsChif def. Hailey Hatred/Kalamity agree MsChif hits Kalamity with The Desecrator.

* Athena def. Ray via O-Face.

* Cheerleader Melissa is attacked backstage by Saraya.

* The Canadian Ninjas vs Regeneration-X (dressed as the Joker and Harley Quinn) vs The Queens Of Winning (Sara Del Rey and Courtney Rush) vs Ayako Hamada and Ayumi Kurihara in a four team elimination match for the SHIMMER Tag Team Championships.

* Regeneration-X is eliminated after Portia pins Leva with a rollup.

* Ayumi and Ayako are eliminated after Del Rey hits a powerbomb on Ayumi. New champs will be crowned tonight.

* The Queens Of Winning become new SHIMMER Tag Team Champions after Courtney pins Portia with a surprise rollup. Del Rey is not happy.

* Cheerleader Melissa vs Sweet Saraya Knight next. Melissa’s knee is injured.

* Sweet Saraya def. Cheerleader Melissa via submission using the ropes.

* Melissa gets on the mic and says Saraya has unleashed a monster and she will get her title back.
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SHIMMER 47 & 48 results - 18/03/12
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